Surf Roots TV is launching an On-Demand menu! Now you'll be able to select what you want to watch, when you want to watch it. Menu options include 'Surf Roots Originals' 'New Releases' 'Live Performances' 'Women of Reggae' 'Island Mix' 'Reggae Nation' 'Classics' '420' 'On The Rise' 'Marley Mash Up' 'Feelin Good With Duddy' & more. So for example if you want to watch just the Hawaiian style you’ll tune in to 'Island Mix', if you're interested in Jamaican reggae tune in to 'Reggae Nation'. You are in control. 

Also sponsors and advertisers will now be able to have their own channel on Surf Roots. For example Weedmaps is sponsoring the 420 channel, which is now called “Surf Roots 420 presented by Weedmaps”. This opportunity for unlimited channels puts Surf Roots TV in the mix with MTV, Pluto TV and others with a variety of channels to choose from. It's a game changer, can't wait for you to check it out!!!

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