Native Wayne brings "Alter-Native" show to Surf Roots Radio!

Welcome on board Native Wayne! Legendary DJ, record producer and film-maker Wayne Jobson will now be heard on Surf Roots Radio with his show "Alter-Native". Native Wayne grew up in Jamaica with close ties to the Marley family and Peter Tosh, he produced the award-winning Tosh documentary "Stepping Razor Red X". He's also been instrumental in the American reggae movement, producing the show "Reggae Revolution" at KROQ,  #1 hits for No Doubt "Underneath It All" and "Hey Baby", and movie soundtracks such as Cool Runnings and 50 First Dates.

Tune in for his show "Alter-Native" on Surf Roots Radio on Sundays at 4:20pm here @ (Radio page) and on the Surf Roots App 


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