Duddy B 'Feelin Good With Duddy' Podcast now on Surf Roots!

Dirty Heads frontman Duddy B's podcast 'Feelin Good With Duddy' is now on Surf Roots Radio and Surf Roots TV! Hosted by Duddy B and his brother Jake Bushnell, the podcast features the brothers with a variety of guests making you laugh, think, and feel good!

To listen to all the episodes on Surf Roots Radio download the Surf Roots App, go to the upper left hand corner drop-down menu (three horizontal lines) and select "Podcasts". Then click on the Feelin Good icon and you'll see all the episodes.

On Surf Roots TV tune in every Wednesday at 9pm on Roku, Apple TV, or in the Surf Roots TV App.

*Download the Surf Roots App free on your iPhone or Android! 

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