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Who are your biggest musical influences?

Leilani: I come from a very musical family. My cousins are The Jets. They were probably my first influence as a child. My biggest influence is Sublime. That band captured my love for both punk and reggae. Covering songs from Bob Marley, Bad Religion, Grateful Dead (my other influences) and making them their own. They even use hooks from Porgy and Bess the Opera...genius. I guess I'm influenced by artists like that, the ones that write timeless music that transcends genres.

What inspires your song-writing and the music you make?

Leilani: Life is my inspiration. I want to experience a song, have it put me in a mood. I want to feel something.

What message do you hope to spread through your new album, Rebel?

Leilani: I hope Rebel will introduce me to new listeners. I'm not sure if there is only one message I want to spread. With "Herbivore" and other songs, I don't want to be known as "the weed girl". I'm not saying everyone should get high. I'm more saying "Think with your own mind". Hopefully, I spread a message that woman can be strong, smart, and have something real to say.

E.N. Young (Roots Musician Records) produced your new album. How was it working with such a creative and talented artist?

Leilani: E.N. Young is the bomb. LOL. Yes, he's a genius. Yes, he's super talented...but did you know he's also a hula dancing champion? LOL. I have the word "ami" (a dance move) in my song and showed him how to do it. It was a funny sight, him in the studio ami'ing. I died. It was fun working with him. We just vibe in the studio. We are a great team.

You've previously shared the stage with some amazing artists such as Ballyhoo, Dirty Heads, Tribal Seeds, Fortunate Youth, etc. Who were some of your favorites to tour with? What was your most memorable experience?

Leilani: Fortunate Youth was fun. I did some cities with them in Florida and that's how I met them. We hung out like we were old friends. It was cool. Best memory of touring was with my brothers when I was in their band Hor!zen. We were doing a run with the Supervillians and it was my first tour. Packed in a van with my brothers was very special for me. I loved clowning with them and singing to the radio. We developed a close bond.

If you could pick one artist to work with in the future, who would it be and why?

Leilani: Damian Marley because he's my everything.

How would you best describe your style of reggae/music?

Leilani: My style of music is an infusion. I take risks. I don't follow the "rules". It's music. It's freedom.

What is next for you?

Leilani: I'm looking forward to the Roots Musician Tour coming in September.

Make sure to grab Leilani's new single "Herbivore" on iTunes today and also her new album Rebel, out July 21st!!

Interview: IRIE LOVE

How would you describe the Irie Love sound?
Ragga Pop, the root is Reggae blended with several genres of popular music such as Hip Hop, R&B, Hawaiian, Soul, Jazz & Dancehall

How has growing up in Hawaii influenced your music and worldview?
I feel very blessed to have grown up in Hawaii. Its one of the safest and most beautiful places in the world. I describe Hawaii as having mystical healing powers. Whenever I need healing I just have to go home. I've been blesses to have traveled to so many different beautiful places in my life because of music, and I can honestly say Hawaii will always be my #1.

You have a big hit with Fiji called ʻIt Is Wut It Is' how did that collaboration come about and what does the song mean to you?
Fiji and I have been close for 15 years! I've always wanted to do a song with him and he says he intentionally made me wait until he felt I was 'ready' and boy was it worth the wait! Even though he is ohana to me, Fiji is my favorite singer! Hands down! So to have a song with him is one of my greatest achievements thus far! The song is about our spiritual love for each other!

Tell us about your experiences in Jamaica and some of the Jamaican artists you've worked with?
Jamaica was amazing! Just as you would imagine! I did live in a ruff city (Kingston) but it was still so live with the culture that is Reggae Music! And the Foooood! So delish! I miss it! I haven't been back in 3 years! I've worked with Morgan Heritage, Tarrus Riley, Freddy McGregor and his son Stephen McGregor, Sly & Robbie, Busy Signal, Richie Spice, Tony Rebel, Bunny Wailer, Steel Pulse just to name a few...

What's the message that you're sending out to fans through your music?
I want to encourage, entertain and empower people to be their highest self, live in the moment, and give thanks for life through my music and lyrics.

Who are some other women artists that you admire and are influenced by?
Lauryn Hill is probably my greatest female influence, but I also love and admire Sade, Chaka Khan, Jessie J and Jazmine Sullivan

- Interview by Dave Resin 5/2/12

Interview: KAT 

How old were you when you started playing guitar and singing?
When I first started singing I was about 2-3 (as soon as I started talking).

Who were your musical influences when you started? and who are they now?
When I first started singing, my musical inspiration were The Cranberries, Alanis Morrisette, The Beatles and Janis Joplin. My inspirations now are Fiona Apple, Janis Joplin, Pink, Lauren Hill, The Beatles and Rage Against The Machine.

What bands or artists have you worked with? and do you have a favorite collaboration that you've done?
I've collaborated with so many bands in the last three years. I've worked with The Dirty Heads, Sublime w/Rome, Stone Ave, Jay Dee Que, Sinizen, New Rebelution, Tomorrows Bad Seeds, Seedless and also a professional writer and producer Rob Cavollo. I would have to say my favorite my favorite collaboration ever would be with Sinizen on a song we wrote together called "Crazy In Love." I love it cause that song has so much potential to get in the public eye. I guess another one of my favorite would be with Dirty Heads and Rome on the song "Lay Me Down" I sang some background vocals and the song became a #1 hit on the billboard charts for more then 3 weeks in a row. So that was pretty exciting.

What was the experience like with American Idol?
In 2010 I was on American Idol. I can definitely say that it was a good experience. I made it to Hollywood week with amazing quotes from the judges. But after a while I would get so bummed out knowing that the whole thing wasn't for me. Becoming a superstar in 3 months through a reality TV show just didn't sound appealing to me . I would rather work my ass off to the top with my own songs. And plus I didn't want to be labeled as "KAT from AMERICAN IDOL."

What do you like to do in your spare time?
In my spare time I pretty much am working on music. Other then that I LOVE going to the beach or just swimming in some kind of water. I also love going to skate parks and watching people skateboard, and as crazy as that is even though I can't skate worth shit I still admire watching it go down.

What is the best advice you've ever received?
The best advice I've ever heard from somebody was when my old manager told me "he who gets it wants it the most". Which is totally something I think everyone should remember.


What are your future goals in the music industry?
In ten years from now I see myself selling out arenas all over the world and writing music that relates to all kinds of people. I would also like to have my own recording studio and write with other writers.

- Interview by Jillian Smith 9/22/10


Big Ups to Hawaiian superstar ANUHEA who headlined the 2010 Surf Roots Tour!!!


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Article: Lauren Mulderrig of ALOHA RADIO

Aloha! My name is Lauren and I am really excited to be writing a post for Resin Music's Surf Roots Girl. I am currently the singer/songwriter for Aloha Radio. We are a Surf Pop band from Orange County, CA. My band members and I got together a year ago to start working on this new music venture. We set out to be a Surf band which confuses some people when they don't hear an acoustic guitar and Jack Johnson or Jason Mraz. To clarify, Surf music is a genre of popular music associated with surf culture, pioneered by acts such as Dick Dale and the Del-Tones. This style of music is dominated by electric guitars and distinctive reverb.

I fell in love with music when I was 14, since then I have felt a deep passion and determination to make music my life. When I made this decision, I tried to learn as much as I could about music, singing, guitar, and the music industry. My early influences were either country or indie bands. My influences today are Dick Dale, Jenny Lewis, The Ventures, The Beach Boys, and Linda Dela Cruz to name a few. When I was 15 I recorded my first acoustic album, "Stability." I actually met my band mate's parents at a dinner with my mom. Their son had a recording studio and i was looking for a place to record my first set of songs. My mom bought me some recording time for my birthday and that is how Alex Barnett and I met. He helped record and produce my first album. After working together, Alex and I sparked up a great friendship, we became close through music. After a year we talked about doing an album with a full band. I had written a bunch of new songs so we got together and began to work. We wrote and recorded my second album,"Plains, Trains, and Clean Getaways." This album featured a full band which was really Alex and I. His Brother, Jessie Barnett of Stick to Your Guns also helped us out on drums. This album was released when I was 17 years old.  I recorded "Deep Blue Ocean " for "Planes, Trains, and Clean Getaways." I wrote this song in Maui, Hawaii. It was my single and we made a music video for the song at Laguna Beach. "Deep Blue Ocean," was Aloha Radio's inspiration for becoming a surf band. We still use the music video and play the song at shows. We also plan on re-recording it in the future.

I am very proud of the fact that I have recorded and released two albums completely independently. Alex and I also went on 4 U.S. tours in a Scion with a trailer for our last album. We played acoustic sets at coffee shops, bars, and music venues across the country. Alex and I also booked all of these tours ourselves. A lot of musicians wait around for someone to "discover" them, this is not likely. You can make a successful living in music even if you do everything yourself, it is possible.

Looking back I would have never guessed I would be in a surf band, but now it seems obvious! When I was 14, I had also joined my high school's surf team. That should have been a red flag, but it wasn't until my manager, Mark Eddinger pointed out the truth that I realized I'm not really a country girl? I grew up surfing and going to the beach, surf music was more "me" and fit my personalty better than the music I was previously playing. All of our songs are influenced by surf guitar, or hawaiian roots, most of my lyrics are also beach and surf themed. It feels good to have found myself in music and be able to share Aloha Radio's surf style with others. I know there are probably other girls out there who also want to get into music, if it is what you really love to do, go for it 110%.

Some tips I have for other female musicians are:

1. Practice! You need the skills to back up your dreams. You probably aren't going to be THE best unless you are a child prodigy, but you always need to be YOUR best. 2. Take advice and criticism with an open mind. Obviously you aren't going to listen to the regulars that heckle you at that dive bar you play but if someone inside the industry makes a suggestion remember they are in the industry for a reason they could have some good ideas. 3. Don't get scammed! If someone is interested in managing, signing, or working with you remember one rule of thumb: If they ask you for money before they actually work for you, it's a scam. Also avoid ticketing schemes run by music venues and booking agents. 4. Don't Give Up! Sometimes you won't have the support you need, or money to pay your rent, but if you are serious about becoming a musician don't give up. You have to pay your dues! 5. DIY Do it Yourself. If you are serious go for it make things happen, release your own record, book your own tour. Artists that are making things happen themselves are more likely to attract representation, especially if you have set up your own tour or released your own album, labels and industry insiders are looking for musicians with experience and understanding of the industry. As November approaches, I am anxiously awaiting the release of Aloha Radio's EP. It is currently in the artwork stage but should be sent to the duplication company soon. Next month I will post on how to release your own album and share how we made the new Aloha Radio "Big Wave Madness" EP. Mahalo to Resin Music for asking me to write for Surf Roots Girl. Thank YOU for reading it!



Surf artist HEATHER BROWN In her own words...

"I am a painter and printmaker here on the North Shore of Oahu. I have graduated from the University of Hawaii with my Bachelors in Fine arts with an emphasis in printmaking. The ocean has always been my inspiration. My most favorite things to do are either go longboarding or make art that reflects my love for waves, the island, and the sea."

"While I was going to college, I was a diver for a large two story aquarium in Waikiki, I would go in there early in the morning before class and scrub algae off the class and feed all the marine life in the tank, which included rays, sharks, eels, and many tropical fish.."

"After I graduated from UH, I felt the need to get out of the city and move to the North Shore where I have set up my own studio and work out of my house here in Haleiwa. I have also been a divemaster and captain for a dive boat on the North Shore too. By following my passion, I am now a full time artist and work with acrylics on canvas and silkscreen prints. Soon I will also be making t-shirts.. "

"I am originally from Southern California, but have been living in Hawaii now for 7 years. This island is my home now and I am so fortunate to live on such a beautiful island!"

"My art is on display at many surf shops and boutiques on the North and South Shore of Oahu. I am also featured in the Wyland Gallery in Haleiwa. I have had an article about my work in Free Surf magazine, and you can also see some of my art in Longboard magazine." 

-Heather Brown

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