Surf Roots TV network launching on streaming TV!

SURF ROOTS TV is the first 24-hour Reggae channel on television! Surf Roots TV features music videos, live performances, interviews, movies & more. Surf Roots will be featured on streaming TV platforms including ROKU launching on August 1st, then Chromecast, Apple TV, and Firestick rolling out throughout 2017. All together Surf Roots TV will be available in over 49 million U.S. homes + bars and restaurants, surf shops, dispensaries...

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Comment by Barnacle Brian on May 9, 2017 at 7:48pm
When does the tv app start?


Surf Roots TV

Surf Roots TV is launching on streaming television, the first 24-Hour Reggae channel!
Surf Roots TV will be streaming on ROKU starting August 1st, then Apple TV, Firestick & Chromecast all together reaching over 49 million U.S. homes! Also at:
*Bars, Restaurants & Music Venues
*Dorm Rooms
*Surf Shops
*Dispensaries & more!


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