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DreadWest is fashionable clothing with cultural meaning. "Give as much as you take and everything will be fine". Balance..we believe life is about balance. Symbols and designs on clothing mean something. The symbols must be respected...they are powerful and as such they must be verified that the feelings we want to convey need to match / are in sync with the cultural values that have been placed upon the symbols.

At DreadWest, we want to bring out the vibrant colors, symbols, tattooed or other cultural designs from these indigenous people and place them on very high quality fashionable garments for women and men. Some of the designs will be modern interpretations of these cultural designs with a DreadWest twist. An example of this is our DreadWest Ictaca or the DreadWest Thunderbird. Starting out with t-shirts is a natural progression as they are popular and they help establish our footprint in the marketplace. Every product on our website is original content. The artwork is specifically designed for DreadWest. In 2017 we are releasing our newest collection! Stay tuned for that! You can see a brief hint of our upcoming style on Facebook or Twitter.

Our name, DreadWest. The word “Dread” comes from Dreadlocks, an indigenous hairstyle that the founder wears. The word “West” comes from our location. The Western part of the United States. So we put them together and DreadWest was born.

At the moment, we are an online store only. The only places you can purchase our items is at or Facebook below.

You can follow us at:

Feel free to contact the founder at: He would love to hear

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