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Music Publishing… Why DO I need it?
By Ilka T. De León
Founder of Ange Jolie Publishing, Inc.

Music Publishing is often one of the least thought of elements in the music business. As artists we tend to focus on two things necessary for our success. The First is the recording of music. That is, after all, what generates our position as “recording artists.” It is also the epitome of our initial goals to allow our music to be recorded for distribution to fans across the world. The Second is performance. There is nothing like the excitement and rush of performing in front of a large crowd. It is by far one of the most addicting experiences a person can have. With those two elements alone one can consider themselves successful. Yet, what about the protection of your music? In other words how can you assure that your lyrics and composition are not replicated unlawfully and the credit given to someone else? In addition, if you have managed to get your music distributed, how do you protect your performance rights and collect royalties for your airplay?

These are just a few of the things that a Music Publisher will do for you if you are lucky enough to obtain their desire to partner with you and have interest in your work. While any individual can be their own music publisher, there are a number of items that become complicated which will eventually require the use of and partnership of a true publisher’s expertise to cover all of your bases. Obtaining a music publisher is much the same as getting signed by a record label. Music Publishers have A&R departments or individuals whose job it is to scout and discover new talent. Publishers seek artists, writers and composers (which can sometime be found in one place like with a skilled music producer) who can create music and develop “catalogs” of songs that will allow the publisher to exploit or “shop” the catalog in an effort to obtain licensing and/or placement opportunities.

Placements have many forms. It can mean the commitment by another artist for use of a song in the publishers catalog that they can record and release via their own projects. It can also mean the synchronization and licensing of a song in a film, advertisement or other work to be used as background music, performed on camera or as a theme. The success of this portion of music publishing, often referred to as exploitation, relies heavily on the publishers relationships with music managers, A&R executives, producers, and recording artists. It also requires a whole lot of luck. The truth is that it is very hard to obtain placements. The right time, right feel, and right imagery generated by a song can be a goldmine. Often times songs are made popular by their use in television and film, and today’s media technology has expanded that to also include web based shows and music or personal videos. All of which have royalty generating potential.

Music Publishers spend a significant amount of their time undertaking Administration tasks. It is the Administration of musical compositions that lead to the need for copyright registrations, coordination with record companies for audits of sales and royalties, collection of monies due for international play through performing rights organizations, etc. A copyright, the pairing of a composition and song lyrics together as a song, belong to the writer(s) and/or composer(s). It is that “right” that is registered with the appropriate office to protect the intellectual property belonging to said writer(s)/composer(s). It is that “right” that will then generate royalties for its performance around the world.

Like a manager, booking agent, or publicist, a music publisher is a key factor in the establishment and growth of an artist’s team. The publisher is a key player in the protection of the artist’s musical rights, as well as a key marketeer of the artist’s works that will hopefully create additional opportunities along the way. Ultimately they are there to assure that the use of your songs are legal and paid for.

Have questions about music publishing? We will be happy to take your questions and provide you with a “clue” of what you might need to know. While we cannot offer legal advice, we could certainly help demystify things for you. Let’s create a forum where you, the artist, become more informed and better educated about the industry that you so willingly have committed your talents to.

Keep Creating!

Ange Jolie Publishing, Inc.

*For more info on publishing contact Ilka T. De Leon: info@angejolie.com


On the Rise Interviews:


 photo Pilot_zps3275e95a.jpg


Interview by Jillian Smith 1/11/13
Your new EP 'Keeping Secrets' was recorded at 17 St Studios. What made you want to record there?
I had heard such good things about working with Lewis Richards & the vibe of the music coming out of 17th Street was so good that I wanted to be a part of it.

Who are your musical influences? And what inspires you?
I'm really influenced by all kinds of music but The Police, Johnny Cash, Bob Marley, Frank Sinatra along with all kinds of classic rock is what I grew up surrounded by. Sublime & the Red Hot Chili Peppers are who made me fall in love with California though. I'm inspired by people who dedicate their lives to doing good things, most of all those people who dedicate their lives to helping animals because they don't have a voice & are abused horribly all over the world.
On the Rise: @[115289605512:274:Pilot Touhill] Interview by Jillian Smith Your new EP 'Keeping Secrets' was recorded at 17 St Studios. What made you want to record there? I had heard such good things about working with Lewis Richards & the vibe of the music coming out of 17th Street was so good that I wanted to be a part of it. Who are your musical influences? And what inspires you? I'm really influenced by all kinds of music but The Police, Johnny Cash, Bob Marley, Frank Sinatra along with all kinds of classic rock is what I grew up surrounded by. Sublime & the Red Hot Chili Peppers are who made me fall in love with California though. I'm inspired by people who dedicate their lives to doing good things, most of all those people who dedicate their lives to helping animals because they don't have a voice & are abused horribly all over the world. What message do you want to put out there for the world through your music? I don't know about a specific message, I just write from the heart & from experiences that I've gone through. It's really cool when the songs help people feel good and have a positive & uplifting message but they can't always be on that vibe because there are too many different emotions going on inside. What can we expect in the years to come from Pilot Touhill? I would love to expand the places that I've been able to play music in 2013. I'd Love to see Europe & Asia and play music there. I will also be working on new music of course.....what it will sound like....I have no idea but hopefully people will like it!

What message do you want to put out there for the world through your music?

I don't know about a specific message, I just write from the heart & from experiences that I've gone through. It's really cool when the songs help people feel good and have a positive & uplifting message but they can't always be on that vibe because there are too many different emotions going on inside.

 photo Pilot2_zpsececa7be.jpg

What can we expect in the years to come from Pilot Touhill?
I would love to expand the places that I've been able to play music in 2013. I'd Love to see Europe & Asia and play music there. I will also be working on new music of course.....what it will sound like....I have no idea but hopefully people will like it!



Interview by Jillian Smith 1/7/12

Congrats on getting on the Top 5 on Surf Roots Radio with "Feelin' Irie"! What's in the near future for Ease Up? I noticed you guys are back in the studio.. What can your fans expect?
First off we want to thank Surf Roots Radio and every one of our fans for making 2011 such an amazing year for us and in 2012 we are going to go even bigger! In 2011 we played shows for the first time in 5 other states (AZ, NV, ID, WA, and OR). In 2012 we are going to make our way out to the East Coast starting with a show in Austin, TX for SxSW in March. We are also going to release our first full-length album which is going to include some songs off our "If You Only Knew" and "On the Fly" EPs as well as brand new unreleased material. For the album our fans can expect a blend of high energy ska with laid-back reggae.

What's in the near future? Any tours?
We are playing our first headlining show of 2012 at the Belly-Up in Solana Beach on January 19th, Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach on January 26th, 710 Beach Club in San Diego on February 10th, SxSW in Austin, TX on March 15th.

Rico, what inspires your song writing? You sing a lot about love. Are these personal experiences?
Every song I write is from personal experience. Friends, past relationships, the highs and lows I have lived through all play a factor in my song writing. I am always working to improve my song writing and it's something I feel I get better at with every song I write. The music I listen to and have been introduced to by family and friends is also a huge influence on my writing. I also go to a lot of shows and I am constantly being inspired by the music around me.

Do you guys plan on getting a horn player again?
We have had the opportunity to work with some amazing horn players and continue to play select shows with members of San Diego based bands Stranger and Roots Covenant. As far as adding permanent horn players to the Ease Up roster it isn't something we're planning on, but it's something we're open to if we find the right fit. For now we will continue to play as a four-piece.

Why do you guys feel Ease Up is on the rise?
We feel Ease Up is On the Rise because every year we set out to do better than we did the year before and we continue putting in the work to reach out to our fans, play in front of new crowds, meet new bands, and make our live shows rock! We recently linked up with 4:19 Management and are looking forward to working with Sam Scarce and the 4:19 crew. 2012 is going to be a big year for us and we can't wait to hit the road and share our music with everyone! Shout out to all our friends, families, and fans for their continued support!


Interview by Jillian Smith 12/13/11

You just went on tour with Tribal Seeds, what was that experience like for you?
My first national tour was a great experience. Tribal Seeds took care of me and showed me the ropes of national touring. I am very blessed to have had the opportunity to spread my message and reggae music across the country.

How did u get into playing melodica?
I was very blessed to have my parents get me into piano at age 5 (which I suggest to any parent out there. Music and art is a teacher). I listened to reggae for the first time at 13 and heard of Augustus Pablo that year. I liked Augustus's big minor progressions with melodica over the top, and I know I wanted one. I got my first melodica at 16 and been rockin it ever since.

You made some awesome music videos for your debut album, tell us who u worked with on those?
Yes traveling around the world is a big goal of mine and no better way to remember then to capture a music video abroad. My first video was in China two years ago. I worked with Aaron Bremer, Lorena Del Rio and a small HD camera. Very raw it captured my message of peace. The next music video I did was in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on the beach. Very simple one location. Lorena Del Rio filmed this one and you can also see a little of her in the video (considering the song is about her, I wanted some love in it). The last video I shot was in Hilo, Hawaii on my last tour to the islands. This was shot by Junyah and Jeremy, some really nice local boys. They were very cool to work with as we went to the county fair and the Hilo rain forest. My next video will be a song on my album called "Warriors" that I filmed in Jamaica in August of this year. It is almost done and will be released soon. My goal is to continue to travel and capture some beautiful places on film.
What has being separated from the band Stranger done for your solo works?
Being separated from Stranger has not done anything for me in my opinion. When we as people unify, our strength increases and much more can be done. I am not happy that Stranger decided to go separate ways from me. But in many ways I understand now that I am meant to be on this mission of peace, love and reggae music.

What do you have planned for the future?
Next I plan to record a big follow up album, add some players to my band, and tour the world.
What message do you want to spread to the world and your fans?
I would like to continue to spread a unifying message of love and good works that will give people peace to share with one another.


Why do you feel that you are on the rise?
I feel I am on the rise as is everyone if they try. We as people have to know that we can make a change for good and better their lives now. I'm on the rise because I have faith, hope and love that the world can be better if we try and unify. Big thanks to Resin music and Surf Roots Radio.





Interview by Jillian Smith 2/25/11

What does the name True Press stand for?

The name True Press has multiple meanings for people. For us we want each individual to find their own "True Press" - who people are when they are being true to oneself, and pressing toward that regardless of what some might say. Our "True Press" is music.

You guys have recently been working on your EP, how has that been going and when is it coming out?

WE ARE STOKED!  We had our boy Eric Hirschorn come out and lay down some irie sax tracks. We are pressin' to get this self titled EP out by the end of March (date TBA). Its been a blessing recording down at FK studios in Monrovia, CA with engineer and co-producer Dave Dominguez.

What is it about Pedro and KP's voices that makes them harmonize so well together?
Well thanx first of all haha. Pedro has a comforting sound to his voice keeping the melodies calm and cool. KP usually busts out in the background with harmonies with occasional lead vocals. Being passionate about our lyrics and music is what allows the sound to come alive between Pedro and KP's vocals. Singing and living in that specific moment is what keeps the music spontaneous and brand new for us. It has its own way of setting each verse, chorus and/or show apart from others. They both have been influenced by all music, but mostly r&b and roots reggae. So naturally their vocals have taken its own form and become a blessing to True Press.

What has adding Gyl Bonus on lead guitar and Tommy on the percussions done for the band?
Gyl Bonus has came in and has taken our sound to a whole new level. Not just with the music, but our overall vibe as a band. He gets the same emotion out of his guitar that we feel in our hearts when we sing our songs and it just clicked from day one. Tommy has also brought a lot of good vibez to True Press, he livens up our live show sound a bit and he always has the good vibez flowin.


What bands have you guys played with?
Well, we met in 03 and Jah has had a bigger plan for us that we had never envisioned. Had no clue that we were gonna have a band and be blessed to play with some of the best reggae artist in the world. Don Carlos, Pato Banton, Midnite, Jah Mali, The Mystic Roots Band, B Foundation, Zen Robbi, Tomorrows Bad Seeds, Fortunate Youth, Fayuca, International Farmers, Thrive, Stone Avenue, Natural Heights, Floaters, Agent Orange and more.. To this we give thanx.

Who would you like to reach through your music?

Open eyes, open ears, open minds & open hearts!!!

What is to come for True Press in the future?
We are looking forward to getting our fans some new recordings with the EP. We have a lot of new songs that we still want to record so our plate is full. We are getting more merch including shirts, stickers, wristbands, hoodies, etc... looking forward to possibly takin our first tour this summer! We're shootin for the West Coast. We also just put together a live album from our 2010 shows. So go crazy and u just might end up on the 2011 live album.

Why is True Press on the rise?

It is hard to say what "on the rise" really is in the music business. We do realize that it is bigger than True Press. Reggae music is alive and growth is natural when you love what you do! We all agree that the reggae movement has the potential to change so many lives and this type of movement cannot be stopped! It is a constant progression and in some ways, we feel that enough will never be enough regarding our own potential and fans. Also, remembering that we are always students to the music keeps us hungry to keep learning and playing. Above all things we give thanks to JAH for life & music and could not do it without our amazing fans (Big Ups True Press Tribe!!!)  Support truly does go a long way. Here's our time to say THANK YOU and :P hahaa Spread JAH LOVE! ~TP





Interview by Jillian Smith 2/7/11

You have a show coming up March 4th with SOJA and you're competing in the Orange County music awards, SO exciting!  What else have you guys been up to?
We've been really looking forward to both of those events with lots of excitement. We also have 5 more shows with SOJA in the cities Albuquerque, Dallas, Austin, Houston and New Orleans and are beyond excited to be part of their "Everything Changes" tour. We recently had a really fun show at the Tiki Bar for the OCMA's showcase for Best Live Band. It's really an honor for us to be one of the nominees this year and we had a really good turn out at that show. Our fans were in full effect that night with a line that wrapped around the corner, so you can imagine the intensity inside the place when we took the stage. And if you haven't had the chance, go vote for Seedless for the Orange County Music Awards! We also just played a show with J Boog at the SoundWave in San Diego which was amazing to say the least. In January we were able to play up in Sacramento, and then Seattle and Tacoma with the Northwest Sons along with multiple shows down here! In all, 2011 has been really good to us and we have a lot more exciting things to share once things get hashed out!

What brought you together as a band? And what sets you guys aside from other bands?

Casey Sullivan, Shay Pino-Dempsey and Grant Rivera were the original members of Seedless. They fused the rock, metal and reggae originally as a band. In 2007 Joe Bakhos, a long time friend of the group was added in. Later that same year I was blessed to join this all star squad and in late 2009 we acquired the all talented Juan Rios to play on the keys! As for what sets us apart from other bands, I think we blend metal, rock, reggae, soul and other styles together really well. We have two main vocalist that both light the stage up and we have a group of stand out musicians that are amazing at their instruments. I also think that there's something about our music that really touches the souls of so many. From the lyrics, to the music, there's really something for everyone to feel and I think we do a good job at helping them vibe to that!

What other artist have you guys played with?
There has been so many in such a short period of time it's surreal. We've been blessed to share the stage with The Wailers, Midnight, Rebelution, The Expendables, The Aggrolites, Tribal Seeds, J Boog, Fiji, The Dirty Heads, Iration, Natural Vibration, Badfish, Nesian NINE, Katchafire,Tomorrows Bad Seeds, Pepper, Ease Up, The Mad Caddies, Fortunate Youth, Pacific Dub, Through the Roots, Stick Figure, Stranger, The Simpkin Project, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad... I know there are so many that I'm leaving out, including a lot of local bands that we love to play with.

Matt what is it about you and Casey's voice that you guys can interact vocally so well?
I think it's really different to have two vocalist that sing two totally different styles! It's really been a blast for us and a journey trying to mesh both our styles and voices together and so far we've been really blessed to accomplish that! Not only that, but look forward to more vocals being added. What not many people know is that Juan Rios (Keys) has an amazing voice and is a great writer. We plan to work more on collaborating us three on more songs on our future albums.

What has Juan on the keyboard brought to your band? How does it affect your sound?

Juan has brought so much to the band with the keys. Especially to have that reggae sound it seems that keys really help to bring it out, just in case you weren't aware of this, but it's more than just reggae anyways, he really helps to fill in the sound of Seedless! And now to have him jumping on the vocals which everyone will soon get a chance to hear, it's really amazing! In short it's been a blessing to have him on our roster and we wouldn't want it any other way!


Why is Seedless on the rise?
You mean besides having the greatest group of fans and friends in the world? I would say we've worked really hard to be where we are at. We've sacrificed a lot in our daily lives and continue to do so to make it happen, which is something that is a must for any one person or group that wants to make it! We've believed in our selves, in our creation or product and have been blessed to have lots of people believe in us as well.  Not only that but for the past year we've been blessed to have great management, Sam Scarce has been doing a fantastic job and has really been a factor in the recent success that Seedless has seen. Last but not least, our fans, friends and family! Word of mouth is one of the best advertisements out there and they have really spread the word and pushed us out there which is something that we'll never forget! We thank them and appreciate everyone of them and it's been a blessing to have them in our lives! 





 Interview by Jillian Smith 1/7/11


2010 was a breakthrough year for you with the Iration tour. What have you guys been up to recently?
Recently we've been working on some new tracks that will we will be able to release in the next few months here.. Also we plan on releasing a new EP late Spring early Summer. As far as shows go, we have our show with Resin Music on the 13th of January, it will be our first time ever headlining Saint Rocke which will be an awesome experience. It will be us and The Devestators on the bill and a live webcast we are very excited. Next we are headed out to Hawaii at the end of January primarily for our show with SOJA on the Big Island in Hilo at the Afook-Chinen Civic Center. It will be cool because Brady who plays keys in our band is from Hilo! We will also be doing a few shows on Oahu as well. When we get back it is back to the studio.

Who are your musical influences?
Steel Pulse, Bob Marley, Dave Mathews Band, Dr. Dre, Anthony B, Gregory Issacs, Barrington Levy, Third World, No Doubt, Gentleman, Don Carlos, Boys 2 Men, Ooklah the Moc, Black Uhuru, Tool, Incubus, Jagged Edge, John Mayer... just to name a few.

What makes your music stand out compared to all the other bands out there?
We all come from different musical/cultural backgrounds and likings... this really shows and gives a cool element of creativity when writing our songs. We always are on the hunt for how we can make our sound more and more unique.

Why is Through the Roots on the rise?
We don't really know why or what we have done wrong or right, but all I can say is that we are constantly working hard to make this band succeed to the fullest, working hard on writing quality music that the world can enjoy, meeting tons of awesome people along the way who believe in us and have helped us live our dreams. Big shout out to our manager Grant who is a HUGE part of our success and putting us where we need to be. We are on the rise because Through the Roots is here to stay and will not stop doing what we love - playing music!


Request any bands who want to hear below!


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Comment by Anna Balthaser on February 1, 2012 at 10:47pm

More Synrgy, please! More, more, more SYNRGY!!!

Comment by John Sibayan on February 1, 2012 at 7:00pm
Comment by adam robarge on January 27, 2012 at 5:19am
Comment by PotRoast on January 24, 2012 at 11:44am

Need to hear some Natural Heights- Take Another off the "Wake Me Up" Cd or anything from the new Cd please!

Comment by garrett infausto on January 11, 2012 at 7:22pm


Comment by Team Canada Music on January 10, 2012 at 6:36pm

Redeye Empire

The Hangers

Orange Grove

and THRIVE!!!

Comment by Anna Balthaser on January 7, 2012 at 10:38am


Comment by Steve Sorensen on January 6, 2012 at 12:36pm

I'm with Emily.  SYNRGY is excellent.  I'd also like to hear Sol Seed (from Oregon).

Comment by Emily on January 5, 2012 at 11:16pm

I wanna hear SYNRGY!! Embrace the Change buuuuummmppppsssss!!!!

Comment by Melea Mayo on December 20, 2011 at 8:21pm

Johnny be Hood!

Comment by Chris Warner on December 17, 2011 at 3:57pm

Echo Movement - "I think god smokes weed

Ease Up - "Feeling Irie".

Jet West - "Irie Eyes".

Comment by stacy black on December 17, 2011 at 1:01pm

Please play Rustico Drop 

Thank You =] =] =] 

Comment by adam smith on December 17, 2011 at 12:59pm

Wanna hear Rustico Drop!!!!! 

Comment by Pamela Gentry on December 16, 2011 at 7:55am

Johnny be Hood - Ska Joint

Comment by Jordyn Rolling on December 15, 2011 at 2:50pm

You are all awesome fans! We hear ya! 

Comment by Matt McClanahan on December 14, 2011 at 10:50pm

Son of Paradise and some Fiction 20 Down would be sweet

Comment by Andrew Seaboyer on December 13, 2011 at 9:23pm

Rustico Drop!!

Comment by Sam Scarce on December 13, 2011 at 5:07pm

Zen Robbi and Ease Up!

Comment by Jordan Gee on December 13, 2011 at 9:08am

I would love to hear Sons of Paradise!

Comment by brendan seaboyer on December 11, 2011 at 8:49am

How about some rustico drop? that would be pretty f'n sweet.... just sayin...



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